Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Wrath of the Holy Light

Be warned! The Lich King no longer sits idly upon his glacial throne. His wrath—the cruel and uncaring fury of death itself—is upon us at last! Be wary, friends. The Lich King knows no mercy, and even the eternal slumber can not grant you reprieve from his icy influence.

Yet we must fight on, as brothers and sisters, Alliance and Horde, blessed of the Light and damned of the darkness. We must stand united, for the Lich King seeks not only to divide our attentions, but to tear asunder all that we love and hold dear!

Stand tall, my brothers and sisters! Stand resolute. Know that so long as you fight against the evils that seek to devour this land—that seek to purge it of all that is good and just and right—know that the very world itself shall fight alongside you. Know that we will emerge victorious—of this there can be no doubt! No matter how deep the darkness, the Light shall always drive it away. No matter how great the horror, the Light shall grant us the resolve to face our fears. No matter how desperate and depraved our souls become, the Light shall always greet us with a welcoming embrace.

By blood and honor we serve. By body and mind we protect. By life and death we sacrifice. And by the Light we'll prevail!

To arms! To battle! Together!

To Northrend!

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