Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Greetings! Welcome to my blog, The Lion Guard! This is a World of Warcraft-centric blog recounting my personal experiences and thoughts about the game, primarily in/on/of/around/near/by/for/with/regarding/from/about the Paladin class.

So, who am I? Those of you who know me in-game or from various forums, blogs, or other such sites probably know me as Gryphonheart (or by my nickname: Gryph), a Human Paladin on the Feathermoon (US RP-PvE) realm of Blizzard Entertainment's extremely popular massively multiplayer online roleplaying game World of Warcraft. Those of you who don't know me...um...hi there! :D

Since we're getting ourselves acquainted anyway, allow me to tell you a bit more about myself and my goals for The Lion Guard.

More About Me:
  • I'm a roleplayer. The lore and stories of and behind WarCraft are some of the most interesting and compelling parts of the game for me. That being said, I know there is also some prejudice against roleplayers in the general WarCraft community. As a result, I'd like to state up front that you're more than welcome to post comments including your disagreements with roleplaying (or anything else I discuss, for that matter), however insults will not be tolerated.
  • Gryphonheart is the virtual expression of myself in the game. What I mean by this is that if the World of Warcraft was the world in which I existed, Gryphonheart is the type of person I would be. I do not mean that I actually think I am the character Gryphonheart in real life.
  • I am a raider. I find raiding to be one of the most enjoyable aspects of the game.
  • Blizzard Entertainment is my favorite game making company, and WarCraft is my favorite Blizzard franchise.
My Goals for The Lion Guard:
  • 5 posts per week, on average, with at least 1 "meaty" post per week.
  • Provide myself an inspiring means to exercise and develop my writing skills.
  • Practice public expression. I tend to be one of those quiet, shy people in public. Perhaps this blog will help me become a more confident individual.
  • Express myself. Most of the people I interact with regularly in real life are uninterested in WarCraft. I hope that here I can create a place to freely converse with folks who are genuinely interested in at least some of what I have to say.
Well, I guess that's about it. I must admit, I'm looking forward to seeing how this blog turns out. :)


  1. I look forward to seeing what happens as well. :) Good luck with start-up.

    - Joveta

  2. Hi and welcome to the Blogosphere! I had no idea that there were prejudices against roleplayers... But then I'm not on a RP server myself. I rather envy you for being creative and full of ideas. I'm a little bit to shy and have to bad confidence to think I'd be able to find up anything enjoyable for myself and others.

    Good luck with your blog! Your goals seem a bit challenging but far from impossible.

  3. Hi, I came to check out this blog from blog azeroth, the title caught me!

    I was impressed by the intro, my partner does a similar thing, uses the web to express sides of herself she wouldn't normally in real life. It is heartening to see people aspiring to be warriors of the light!

    Also the format of the intro caught me as well, and I was challenged to improve my own site after reading it. I thought I should acknowledge this, please don't think this a shameless ad. I wanted to say you had a positive improvement on my site.

    May the lion guard never falter!