Saturday, September 19, 2009

'Til Next YARR, TLAPD!

May yar chests be filled with booty and the wind be at yar back!  Yo ho!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

10 Changes That Will Make The Stockade More Heroic

Wow!  It seems that my last post about 10 Changes That Will Make Deadmines More Heroic has become the most popular post on my blog by far (nearly twice as popular as the main page, in fact  o.O)!  On top of that, my 10 Changes That Will Make ___ More Heroic (where ___ is any single old-world dungeon) suggestion has been accepted as this week's Blog Azeroth shared topic!  I highly encourage you all to check out Relevart's suggestions for Ragefire Chasm, as well as Darkpurple's suggestions for Scarlet Monestary and Xeoneo's suggestions for Maraudon (all of which are more serious than my Deadmines post, as well as much better thought out and would seem like genuinely cool instances).

Anyway, to celebrate the above (and because it's been nearly 2 weeks since my last post  >.>), I bring you volume 2: 10 Changes That Will Make The Stockade More Heroic!
  1. The Stockade has been renamed "The Stock-Cade", and is now a fully stocked arcade!
  2. All bosses must be beaten via minigame challenges.
  3. New limited resource system—quarters!
  4. For added realism, it will cost 1 gold to continue in the instance after a wipe.
  5. A brand new randomized miniboss encounter has been added to the instance.  Alternates daily between Whack-A-Gnome, Pin the Tail on the Tauren, and Skee-Ballistae!
  6. The left wing of the instance is now a Space Invaders-like gauntlet involving Gnomish flying machines and harpoon guns!
  7. Loot is no longer randomized!  Instead, it can be chosen by players...via the Claw game.
  8. The Stock-Cade is open from 2pm to 4am on weekdays, and 10am to 6am on weekends.  However, private after-hours parties can be scheduled for a small fee.  No food, drinks, or pets allowed.
  9. Fierce gaming tournaments will be held in The Stock-Cade daily, including Bejewelcrafted, Gold-Peggling, Mega Mash Siblings, Road Brawler Theta, and Dance Dance WaaauughhASpiderIsEatingMyFace...olution.
  10. Oh, and as for the prisoners...they're in another castle.  ;)