Monday, November 5, 2012

Anniversary the Fourth

Yesterday, as it turns out, was this blog's 4th anniversary. Yay! Let's go back and see how things compare to my initial goals, shall we?
My Goals for The Lion Guard:
  • 5 posts per week, on average, with at least 1 "meaty" post per week.
  • Provide myself an inspiring means to exercise and develop my writing skills.
  • Practice public expression. I tend to be one of those quiet, shy people in public. Perhaps this blog will help me become a more confident individual.
  • Express myself. Most of the people I interact with regularly in real life are uninterested in WarCraft. I hope that here I can create a place to freely converse with folks who are genuinely interested in at least some of what I have to say.
And that's 0 for 4. /facepalm

Oh well. Here's to a better year 5!