Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Wrathgate Event

I know pretty much every blogger who has done the quest chain has gushed (or will gush, as the case may be) about the Wrathgate in-game event, but the machinema is just too awesome to not join in. Personally, I don't think I could have completed the event at a better time. The lack of a stable internet coupled with a relatively full out-of-game schedule and the pressure to get to level 77 so I could have a reasonable chance to complete the With a Little Helper from My Friends achievement—and thereby the Merrymaker meta-achievement/title—was really beginning to get to me. For a while, I was afraid that I wouldn't manage to complete the meta-achievement before the event packs its backs at 6:00am on January 2nd.

But yesterday morning I finally completed the Wrathgate event...and the experience earned from its completion got me up to level 77. I must admit, I can think of no more satisfying way to gain a level than with the accompaniment of the completion of a truly epic chain of quests, an achievement to underline it (Veteran of the Wrathgate), and an in-game machinema to top it all off like a watermelon-sized cherry marinated in awesomesauce. After completing that chain, I feel like a brand new player. It's as if all of the wonder and excitement for the game that's been waning as I've become increasingly familiar with its mechanics, tables, and inner workings has come back in full force. I can't wait to see what's next.

Oh, and last night I managed to find a group for the Lake Wintergrasp battle, netting me the 47 kills I still needed to complete the With a Little Helper from My Friends achievement! Huzzah!

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