Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Blog Azeroth Shared Topic: Favorite Vanity Items

This week, I've decided to participate in the Blog Azeroth Shared Topic. The prompt is from Noahdeer from the blog Be MOP, and states:
World of Warcraft is known to have a lot of vanity items that you can collect from your adventures and in this expansion Blizzard introduced even more of these silly cosmetic items into the game.

This week's Shared Topic is, "What is your favorite vanity item in World of Warcraft?"
While I'm not particularly sure I can choose a single favorite vanity item - there are so many amazing ones to choose from nowadays, such as the Puntable Marmot and The Golden Banana - I do have a particularly beloved, ultra-flashy combination that is /dancing with a Brazier of Dancing Flames while under the effects of a Super Simian Sphere.

Caution: Wear protective eyewear before viewing full size.

Can you imagine the retina-searing effect if it could be combined with Blinding Light? No one would ever dare make fun of Paladins ever again. Well, no one except Demon Hunters, perhaps. =P

However, if I were to choose a single item to spotlight - which I probably should to at least try to follow the prompt - I think I would go with the Essence of the Breeze. This item is occasionally dropped by Ai-Ran the Shifting Cloud in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, and though its visual flair is quite negligible (aren't you relieved?), its on-use effect more than makes up for it. "Unleash a gentle breeze, lightening your steps" might sound somewhat cryptic, but the result is actually pretty simple: it gives you a 10-minute long buff that causes you to be propelled forward a short distance every time you jump. If you choose to be creative (or read the comments on WoWhead), you can find a few practical uses for this item, but quite honestly it's just flat-out fun to jump around Pandaria like an over-caffeinated Virmen.

A word of caution before you go hopping about near cliffs and off ledges: the Essence of the Breeze does not include a slow fall effect, so be sure to bring one along or else you might find yourself in need of an Essence of the Spatula to scrape your corpse off the Pandarian landscape before you can resurrect. XD

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