Wednesday, November 4, 2009

1 Year Anniversary!

Happy birthday, The Lion Guard!  This blog is now 1 year old!

Let's look back on the goals I set for myself and see what I've actually managed to accomplish.
My Goals for The Lion Guard:

  • 5 posts per week, on average, with at least 1 "meaty" post per week.
  • Provide myself an inspiring means to exercise and develop my writing skills.
  • Practice public expression. I tend to be one of those quiet, shy people in public. Perhaps this blog will help me become a more confident individual.
  • Express myself. Most of the people I interact with regularly in real life are uninterested in WarCraft. I hope that here I can create a place to freely converse with folks who are genuinely interested in at least some of what I have to say.
Wow...I didn't get anywhere close.  =\  Oh well, if at first you don't succeed...

Let's see what I can manage to accomplish for year 2.  ;D


  1. Happy Bloggiversary! You've now surpassed the majority of blogs that are ever created, hanging on for this long! I'm looking forward to your next year of posts :)