Thursday, July 23, 2009

A Beast Mastery "X Shot" Idea

I know this isn't usually a blog about Hunters. However, after reading the recent Hunter Q&A as well as some of the conversations that spawned from it, I figured I'd share one of the thoughts that have crossed my mind. ;D

According to the Q&A, one of the problems with how to buff Beast Mastery damage that Ghostcrawler has talked about is that the Beast Mastery tree doesn't have a signature shot, like Marksman has Chimera Shot and Survival has Explosive Shot. Additionally, Blizzard is reluctant to add a special shot to Beast Mastery since that would essentially make Arcane Shot obsolete, and buffing Arcane Shot would require adding such buffs deep into Beast Mastery in order to prevent it from being too powerful in the hands of Marksman and Survival Hunters.

I've thought about it, and I think that ultimately, adding a special shot to Beast Mastery would be the best option, despite Blizzard's current misgivings. In truth, a perfect candidate for such a shot is already decently well known by the community at large, and only requires proper implementation into the game. And so, I propose adding the following new shot deep into Beast Mastery:

The Chuck-Shot
Calls forth a crazed Dwarven Warrior to load a boomstick with 2 charges of heavy blasting powder and one juvenile woodchuck (angry) and fire it at your target. Deals X damage and disorients the target for Y seconds as the woodchuck scrambles about its britches.

A demonstration of this ancient technique—as ancient as 2005, anyway—can be found in episode 7 of Flintlocke's Guide to Azeroth.

Happy hunting. Oh, and don't forget to loot the chuck. ;)

PS: I fully mean this post in good-natured fun. It is not my intent to troll—I just thought we could use a laugh. :)


  1. That is so much WIN that you may need a second website just to contain it. I hope GC sees this.

  2. Actually, I did post it on the officual Hunter forums about an hour or so before I posted it on the blog, but it's since sank to page 4 with only a single reply. :P

  3. How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if flintlock chucked it out a bullet chucker.

    "Deals 120% damage against Freya"