Tuesday, January 13, 2009

4 Unconventional Uses for Divine Intervention

By reading this post, you hereby agree that neither Gryphonheart nor The Lion Guard will be held responsible for any repercussions resulting from taking this blog post seriously, including but not limited to ostracization from the Paladin community, permanent removal from a raid group, addition to the opposing faction's "kill on sight" list, and repeated queries of "OMG wut just hapend?!?!?!"

And so, without further adieu, 4 Unconventional Uses for Divine Intervention:
  1. Are you tired of your Pallyfriends giving your class a bad name by repeatedly bubble-hearthing after raids? Did some Nubadin just ninja-loot your item, run face first into the closest group of mobs, pull them back onto you, and then begin bubble-hearthing to add insult to injury? Put an end to the bubble-hearthing shenanigans with Divine Intervention! Nothing stops a bubble-hearth more effectively! That Hearthadin will never know what hit him!
  2. Is another healer constantly sniping your heals? Does she refuse to stop, no matter how many times you've asked? Is she gloating over your lack of haste? Well, here's how to teach her not to mess with you: just Divine Intervention her as she tries to snipe your next heal, and watch the hilarity ensue. As a bonus, you'll even be able to taunt her by taking an AFK to go grab some cookies while she's forced to sit around and resurrect the entire raid group due to being the last person left alive.
  3. Does your pre-made team repeatedly get steamrolled in battlegrounds because of that guy? Do you sometimes wish that guy were played by a headless chicken, so that he'd be more effective? Ever find yourself wishing you could just use that guy as bait? Well Divine Intervention can help! Simply cast it on that guy while he's being ganked and not only will your opponents be thoroughly confounded (leaving them open to a coordinated counter-attack), but the incessant "Immune" messages will rile them up into a frothy that guy-hating frenzy! It's a win-win scenario!
  4. Are you exhausted of running all the way back to the beginning of an instance just so you can turn in your completed quest to the NPC standing right outside the instance gate? Does the prospect of taking a portal to a nearby city and then traveling back to the instance you just left leave a sour taste in your mouth. Well, once the final boss is downed, just Divine Intervention a nearby ally and you'll find yourself just a short corpse run back to the instance entrance! No longer will you have to put up with potential respawns or portals that inconveniently leave you half a continent away! Just take a quick short cut through the spirit world and BOOM!—you're just a loading screen or two away from your destination!


  1. Hehehe... I particularly like 3 and 4. I never thought of using DI that way and they sound deliciously fun. :)

  2. Yes, #1 really works. I remember using it in Molten Core way back in the day to stop a friend's bubble-hearth. Back before Mass Dispel, it was the only way to stop it. :)